THE KIT is a mix of artistic inspiration and tomboy energy for effortless vibes and conversation-starting style.
We’re not closet staples. We are wardrobe amplification.

Founder and Creative Director | Daniel Vosovic


We've all experienced the painful situation of knowing the circumstance you're in is not the right one but fear of the unknown keeps you stuck longer than it should: a relationship, a job, a dream. We all know the feeling and it's a painful one to come to terms with. After a decade of working in the fashion industry that I loved so much, I had come to a realization that my passion was completely dependent upon a system that didn't make any sense. It was messy, overly complicated, prohibitively expensive and wasteful at almost every level.


When I talk about the experience of "flipping the table" I realized that I had been trying to reconfigure the same things over and over again. After years of moving the same pieces around: showrooms, PR agencies, a different department store, etc. I eventually came to the conclusion that I needed a clean slate and had to give myself the one thing that fashion doesn't allow... time. The space to determine whether or not I still had a passion for fashion, did I want to try living in a new city, was I content working in an industry that was increasingly harmful to the creatives that build it? Those three months were three of the most uncomfortable months I've ever experienced as a professional and one that I'm so grateful I worked through. Not wanting to make a decision based on fear or a pre-determined path, I forced myself to embrace the uncomfortable feeling of not knowing what to do next so I could come to a conclusion of what I did want to do. That practice of "flipping the table" allowed me to build a clear idea as to the path I wanted to go, moving me from an idea to a plan, and eventually, to THE KIT.


Just a heads up but we're really vying for the top spot of being that friend that just happens to have a really great shoppable closet for you to raid

Whether you're searching for a unique twist on a classic style, or something truly unexpected, THE KIT's collections are filled with both so swipe often as collections drop monthly with newness every week. Styles born from your brother or boyfriend's wardrobe, reinterpreted for the tomboy chic woman, our goal is to always make you feel like a confident, badass woman that just happens to have effortless style.  Day to night, office to play, we don't know what that means anymore but we aim to dress you for all of it just the same.


sacrificing STYLE

We're creating clothes in an entirely new way. Built on the understanding that if we're able to produce one, we can produce a thousand, which to be honest is the complete opposite approach almost every other fashion company takes: Encourage customers to buy as many of the same product as possible. This makes life much easier for the brand, buying or producing large quantities of the same fabric, cutting and sewing large quantities of the same style, means that minimums go down and they save money. The dark underside to this method is what the fashion industry hates to admit: the production of clothing can produce a catastrophic amount of waste at every level.

There is much to understand and address when disrupting to an industry. Our ultimate goal is to reduce all means of waste and pollutants throughout the entire process, but to start we're first focusing our sustainability efforts on these three main sections:


We digitally print every garment that is created for THE KIT. From the tropical multi-colored print to the solid olive green, it all starts from the same place... white fabric. Creating on blank canvases allows us freedom to produce what we want, when we want it. We only print on natural fibers and are working diligently to get to the place of only printing on sustainable fabric. This process also creates some super sick benefits.

  1. We never produce fabric that doesn't already have a home (meaning the fabric isn't even printed until you purchase) which keeps a LOT of fabric waste from ever being created.

  2. It encourages us to take creative risks! Sure, the black sweatshirt may sell the best but what if we also offered it in lime green florals? Purple polka dots!? The options are endless.

  3. More options for you... and who doesn't want that!


As you know from having read the previous column, we digitally print every garment for THE KIT. The technology that's been created allows us to accurately and swiftly, create an infinite range of styles and colors across a growing number of fabrics.

  1. We print on-demand. This means that no drop of ink (and water!) is used unless it's being made into a garment that has a home.

  2. With traditional manufacturing, over half of a designer's collection never makes it to the sales floor. Cut because of a lack of orders, cut because it's too expensive to produce., cut because stores are nervous that not enough customer's will buy it. With our technology, you'll get access to every design I can imagine!


If you've read this far you're well-aware that as gorgeous and amazing fashion can be, it also can produce an awful lot of waste along the way. Our facilities exist all under one roof: from creation to production through fulfillment, which means less of a carbon footprint produced by each step.

  1. An easy one: Less ink + less water = less pollutants

  2. Producing on-demand means that we're not overproducing or shipping clothing that doesn't have a home. All of those overproduced garments that our competitors create do go on sale eventually (and who doesn't love a discount?!) but the harsh reality is that the rest may end up in a landfill. Added guilt is compounded when you realize that synthetic material can take 20-200 years to decompose.



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