About Daniel



Chic tomboy has remained the core DNA throughout Daniel’s career, which began in 2006. After participating in Project Runway and the notable CFDA Fashion Incubator, Daniel recognized the evolving landscape of fashion and the demands of today’s consumer. THE KIT is the brainchild of Daniel and his concept of the modern woman. A mix of masculine and feminine in compatible separates, Daniel’s aesthetic seeks to cause a deeper trigger that embraces the overlapping segments of everyday life.

“Take it apart, repurpose it, wear it as one. THE KIT is multifaceted. You know, like you.”


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All sizes are based on US sizes and fit true to size.

Sizes Sizes Chest Waist Hip
0 XS 32.5" 25" 35"
2 S 33.5" 26" 36.5"
4 34.5" 27" 37.5"
6 M 35.5" 28" 38.5"
8 36.5" 29" 39.5"
10 L 37.5" 30" 40.5"
12 38.5" 31.5" 41.5"
14 XL 39.5" 32" 42.5"