Zoe Shirt | Black Rumpled Stripe

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Made on-demand in 10-20 days
THE KIT's Zoe Shirt is a relaxed button-front shirt with a single chest pocket and a full oversized feel. Order true size for look similar to the one on the model.

  • Long sleeves with button cuff
  • French-seamed finishes

Light Weight Tencel
Tencel: 100%
Machine Wash Cold, Low Iron, Tumble Dry Low

About the Model:
Wearing Size Small
Height 5’10", Bust 34", Waist 24", Hips 35"

Customer Reviews

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Rumpled Stripe kicks ass, is big and flowy, but hides the best quirks at the bottom

I was so enthralled with the Zoe Shirt/Black Rumpled Stripo that I couldn’t wait to get it and put it on. But it’s cut so big that it dwarfs my petite frame (I’m 5’1”, 114 lbs). I COULD tuck it in either in the front, in the back, or both—but the interesting parts of the design are on the lower portion of the shirt, so as to mimic the wrinkles when you tuck in the shirt. (There are similar cool effects under the arms.) So tucking it in loses the whole amazement of the shirt. It just makes me look like a French mime (minus the beret) or a diminutive, comical 19th-century prison escapee.

What should I do? Return the shirt? The tag got lost immediately after I (excitedly) hung it in my closet. Give it away? Find those one or two events per year where I can wear it as a smock, or ham it up and look like a very small, flamboyant bookkeeper?