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At THE KIT, we are reimagining how clothes are made: from the sketchbook of lead designer Daniel Vosovic to your front door. In the conventional fashion cycle, designers are forced to order clothes in massive quantities to keep per-unit costs low enough to turn a profit. This excess inventory becomes a massive burden both on the designer, who must restrict their offering to a small set of dry, commercially viable styles, and on our Earth’s fragile ecosystem: last year alone, over 45 billion unsold garments were incinerated or sent to rot in a landfill. At THE KIT., we use a new, hyper-efficient supply chain that turns over a single garment at the same unit cost as 1,000. This enables us to make clothes completely on-demand -- we produce your item the same day you place your order.

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Daniel Vosovic came to THE KIT. with over a decade’s experience in the fashion world. After breaking out as a finalist on the second season of the beloved fashion competition show Project Runway, Daniel spent years turning out seasonal collections for various projects. He grew frustrated with the limitations placed on him by the old way of doing things. He wanted the freedom to break out of the tired seasonal cycle, to put out bold, vibrant styles for chic, creative individuals who see their wardrobes as expressions of their authentic selves. Daniel’s designs - intricate hand-drawn prints on eye-catching shapes - come at a rate the conventional fashion cycle can’t handle. But at THE KIT. we set our own pace, compressing the typical 6-month production cycle into a matter of days. Brand-new styles become available here on our site every week.



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All sizes are based on US sizes and fit true to size
Sizes Sizes Chest Waist Hip
0 XS 32.5" 25" 35"
2 S 33.5" 26" 36.5"
4 34.5" 27" 37.5"
6 M 35.5" 28" 38.5"
8 36.5" 29" 39.5"
10 L 37.5" 30" 40.5"
12 38.5" 31.5" 41.5"
14 XL 39.5" 32" 42.5"
16 41.5" 34" 44.5"
18 2X 43.5" 36" 46.5"
20 45.5" 38" 48.5"
22 3X 47.5" 40" 50.5"


All sizes are based on US sizes and fit true to size
Sizes Chest Waist
XS 34-35" 28-29"
S 36-37" 29-31"
M 38-40" 32-34"
L 41-44" 36-38"
XL 45-48" 40-42"
2X 49-52" 44-46"
3X 53-56" 48-50"